Nature... One of the best ways to connect to Truth.

Bullshit, a partial definition

Nature... One of the best ways to connect to Truth.

Nature… One of the best ways to connect to Truth.

We are designed to align with Truth.
To seek it, to connect to it, to remember it.

That’s what most spiritual and religious practices are based on: rituals to remind us to keep connecting to Truth.

Why? Because we forget…
We forget about what is True.

And so we become obsessed with things that aren’t “Truth”.
And in this obsessing, these things become “Bullshit”.

Bullshit: things that aren’t Truth, elevated to the place of Truth

We become obsessed with status, and whether other people like us or not.
We obsess about following the correct “procedures” and “systems”.
We want bigger wages, fancier “titles”, more followers…
And we forget about Truth…

And so, the bigger wages, the fancier “titles”, the more followers become… “Bullshit”.

We lose sight of what truly matters…

The “system” becomes more important than what the system was designed to achieve.

Take one look at the world and you will see everyone doing their jobs extremely well…
And you will also see a planet in total chaos.

Why do we forget about Truth?

What mysterious forces make us forget about what truly matters?

It’s called “stuff”.
Yes, stuff. The emotional gunk that keeps us running around, obsessing about whether people like us enough, or whether we are “important” enough…

But of course, it never looks like that, does it?
We don’t go around saying “I have stuff over not being important enough”.

Instead, we say: “How can I get more subscribers? How can I make my website more attractive?”

It’s not that these things don’t matter.
It’s just that they are not “Truth”.
And if we put them in the place of “Truth” they become Bullshit.

When we have stuff, we lose sight of what matters. And we end up caring about what people think about us, or whether we do things “in time”.
It’s not that we shouldn’t care… It’s just that we should care in proportion to how important these things are.

When we don’t have stuff, when our link to Truth is strong, then it’s obvious when other people are stuck in Bullshit.
You can see what’s important, you can see what they’re obsessing about… And you wish you could say “Dude, this is not what truly matters, at the end of the day”.

In the grand scheme of things, deadlines are not important. Calories are not important. Figures are not important. To-do lists are not important.

What does Truth look like?

Truth appears different to everyone, but this is how it looks like to me.


What does Truth matter? I have things to do and bills to pay!

Yes. Of course.
And here’s the coup de grace: it gets easier to do things and pay the bills when we are connected to Truth.
At least that’s been my experience.


Because if we don’t remember what truly matters, then we become obsessed with our goals.
They are “goals with stuff”.
If we are working hard to meet that deadline because we subconsciously think that we will be worthy of love when we meet it, then we will be really anxious.
I mean, really anxious.
And that anxiety might make it harder to work at all.

In my case, because I’m such a sensitive person, this anxiety stops me on my tracks. Completely.

It’s because my anxiety or my depression, are trying to tell me “Dude, you need to stop, this is not what truly matters”.

The Sun doesn’t rise out of your to-do list

Don’t get caught up in Bullshit.
Keep connecting to Truth.

That’s the best way I know to make sure that what you create matters.

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