My weekly ritual for looking at my the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

Late logging due to life.

This week was strange, to put it mildly. Big events and big shakings of everyday life.
And lots of hanging out with new people.

I went to a yoga-type course.

Let’s log.

  • Drama at the day j-o-b. I’ve had enough. I’ve closed an “energetic” door. I need a new day j-o-b. A breath for patience.
  • No money made this week. Another breath for peace and patience.
  • Choosing to move away from drama and stress and into health and wellness. Turning a negative into a positive. Challenging.
  • Meeting new people. 5 days of new people, interacting and more interacting with people. Seriously challenging to this Highly Sensitive introvert.
  • Learning super powerful breathing technique that flushes all the dramas, whoosh! A breath for… breaths.
  • 5 days of living in community. Yay for community.
  • Lots of delicious food. Yay for yummyness.
  • No coffee for 5 days! Oh, the horror!!! Today’s coffee was extra delicious.

Moments of Insight

“You are the best thing that never happened to me”

Silent retreating the rest.

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)

In this post, she lists all the emotions that are labelled “negative” and it’s eye-opening to see just how many emotions we are not supposed to have.
And she debunks the whole myth / misconception that there’s such a thing as “negative” emotions.


And here’s a bonus quote from her book, “The Language of Emotions”

“…stress is not an emotion (…) it’s a term from the world of physics and engineering (…) Interestingly, this word that refers to things -to inanimate objects- has found its way to our emotional vocabulary.”

How eye-opening is that!!!


One most excellent log, if I say so myself.

Cool beans :)