Wisdom Gathering

Hi there.

I’m starting online workshops, or “Wisdom Gatherings” on Zoom (an online platform for conferences), around once a week, usually on Friday.

You will get to hang out with other smart, creative, insightful people and I will teach some useful yoga concepts and techniques to help with life.
(They will be free, though donations are always appreciated!)

We will breathe a little, laugh a little and maybe learn a thing or two about how to make life a bit easier. 

You can sign up by clicking here.

And you can find past Gatherings below.

Sad Owls True

Past Wisdom Gatherings

Working with Discouragement

This workshop was a bit different. We talked about being in “The Space Between Stories”.

This is a difficult concept to grasp, but it’s essential that we do so, if we are the people for whom the “Mainstream Story” no longer works. And there’s more of us every day!

I also show how to do a Daily Check-In. It’s super easy, and can be done at any time. 

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Get Focused During Lockdown

Another great workshop where we cover: why it’s hard to focus during lockdown, follow your intuition, how to be productive, how to be motivated through love.
We work with guilt and “shoulds”. And how to observe them and listen to what they have to say.
Why you want to “partner” with your projects, and with time.
And the difference between “letting our stuff go” and pushing it away.

How to keep your spirits up during lockdown

A super useful workshop where we cover depression, insecurities and fears.
Why our “stuff” shows up at this particular time of lockdown. 
What physical, mental and emotional stuck look like.
How to work with the depression / fear, by letting it be there.
And the difference between “letting our stuff go” and pushing it away.

How to get along with others

Also known as “learn the very basics of how to deal with people”.
We jumped into the core of self-work with the absolute basic concepts to make all social interactions easier.
We covered: What is “stuff”, how we all trigger each others’ stuff, what to do when someone says something mean (“Who would want to marry you”)
We also talked about whether we should tell others that they have stuff, and how we all have stuff around money. 

What to do when we feel Overwhelmed

A few yoga concepts and techniques to help with that feeling of paralysing spin off.

Starting with a body check-in and some breathing to calm down.

We then deal with our overwhelm with compassion and care.

Panic, guilt, depression, paralysis. Dreading things and not doing them, or wanting to do things but not doing them. We cover all of these.

How to Survive the Apocalypse

A few yoga concepts and techniques to help with the madness.
Some breathing to calm down, and a few tricks to not lose all our marbles.

A bit about what this moment in time means for our collective human evolution. (Shit’s getting real, y’all!)

Self-Care or Something Like It

Me and Meg (That Hummingbird Life) talking about the reality of self-care.

Self-care, Why it’s Difficult

Just me talking about the vulnerability of caring for yourself.