It’s pronounced “wee-der-shins”

It’s old English for “in a direction contrary to the sun’s course” or “anticlockwise” or my personal favourite: “in a direction opposite to the usual”.

I believe we need to go in the direction opposite to business as usual if we want to avoid this collision course with Hell

“Hell” is a word which here means “the planet bakes to a crisp and human civilisation disappears, leaving scavenging tribes surviving off the remains of this madness, if they are lucky and don’t die before that with the rest of us”.

I promise I won’t be as depressing as that!

Though I also talk about depression, because what with the world being what it is, depression is a normal, natural response to impending Hell.  

OK, so what is this website about?

Widdershins is the collection of truths, thoughts and techniques to work with your tendency towards the “everything sucks syndrome”, so that you can get on with life already.

In essence Widdershins is all about

“The unconventional approach to life”

Or you can think of it as

“The way to reach out for wonderful things when you have almost given up on wanting wonderful things”

Unofficially, we’re all about

“keeping it real “self-help” that doesn’t suck”

Is this website for me?

This site may be for you if:

  • You are just too good at noticing all the ways this world is just “wrong”, and all the ways in which it could be made “right”.
  • You are ever so slightly prone to depression, or anxiety, or the regular feeling of “everything sucks”
  • You want to find a way to live that actually makes sense for you. Perhaps you want success, but a different kind of success. Something that works for you, something you can’t describe just yet.
  • You find that the “conventional” way of living offered to you is not working for you and you need something else.
  • You wanna create something awesome, splendid, fantastic, but you have no idea where to start or what to do and anyway you’re terrified of doing it, so you’re kinda stuck.
  • You are feeling crushed by the weight of this life you’re “supposed to have”, because it’s just not happening.
  • You can “feel” that BIG CHANGES are a-coming in the world and you’re trying to figure out your place amongst them.

OK, I think that might be me, but what is it that you actually *do*?

Four words: Work with our stuff.

We work with our fears, our issues, our triggers, our traumas; we work with our anxiety, even our depression.

So we can heal our past pain. So we can move on with our lives.

But how do you do that?

With fun. With cartoons. And sillyness. Because there is no other way.

But also: mindfulness. We use mindfulness to heal our minds and work with our mental health problems. That’s why we call it “mental healing”.

We kindly allow our stuff to be there. We allow ourselves space for things to not be perfect (even to be a bit sucky)

We ask ourselves questions and we listen to ourselves. Really listen.

So we can discover what we want and need; what we won’t put up with, what we absolutely cannot have.

AND so we can find out a way to live that actually works for us.

See, we don’t focus so much on “making our dreams come true”. Instead, we follow a different path and work with our “stuff”.

Because… we may secretly want to make our lives more awesome, but we really need to start by making things less sucky.

The result may be the same, more awesomeness, but doing things this way may feel less scary for us.

How do I get started, then?

You can start working with your stuff straight away by signing up to our newsletter and getting the “Work with your Stuff” e-book.

And of course, there’s the blog.

I’m wishing you the very best in your search for awesomeness and healing.

Mary Tracy


Turn widdershins… and see the world through different eyes. Arrive at a different reality.

And yes… it is magical.

The Widdershins Philosophy

How do we learn how to stay sane in a world gone mad?

There are basically 3 core concepts I work with.


The physical practice to unblock energy in the body, breathing better and calm the mind with meditation

Work with Your Stuff

Working with stuck feelings, undoing depression and anxiety, working with whatever is getting in the way of what you want

New Narratives

Learning new ways of living our lives, challenging society’s idea of how we think about “jobs”, “partnership”, “home”