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Weekly Log #19: So Good, It Must Be From The 80s

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

Nuh. Why is “Log Day” always on a day when I feel pants?
And is that a thing, or does it feel like a thing today?

Oh, well. It is a thing right now. I feel pants.

Let’s log.

  • BS at the day j-o-b. So much BS. I can’t stand it.
  • Yep, no brightness. We are in winter, and there’s a whole lot of winter this winter. And it’s not even Winter yet!
  • Companionship and community. Yay for community.
  • Serious Pranayama Practice still going, results are less and less impressive. A breath for patience.
  • Money fears. All the anxiety about all the things. A breath for breaths.
  • Writing, posts, more writing! Yay for writing.
  • I actually felt mostly OK for most of this week. Yay for feeling OK.
  • Progress! They day is not far away when I will no longer care if my tweets or my facebooks or my posts are liked at all. Yay for progress and for doing things my way
  • Yoga. Forever and ever. Yoga is the best.

Moments of Insight

I’m no longer interested in being with people who are ill. I don’t want them in my space or in my life.

I can wish them love, I can help them out if they ask me… But I will not be care taking anymore.
Everyone is responsible for their own health and happiness.

I am in this path towards peace and wholeness. I can no longer stand being with people who don’t know what is good for them.
I am not here to take care of anyone.

I want to be with a traveling companion who shares my values, and wants to live in peace and wholeness. And who can tell the difference between what makes people unhealthy and what helps us be more whole.
And if someone wants to engage in poisonous, toxic self-destructive behaviour in the name of “fun”, then that person doesn’t get to share my space.
And I can wish them wholeness and peace… From a distance.

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)

Essential reading if you suffer from “neurotic indecision” (it’s actually a thing)


Every now and then, Imo (my imaginary friend) comes up with something truly priceless. I’m calling them “Imo-isms”. (They might be a rare occurrence, because it’s well known that imaginary friends cannot come up with create awesomeness on demand, too much pressure)

We were listening to some super awesome 80s music, and I said “the best things come from the 80s”.

And he said: “We should turn that into a thing. In fact, whenever we find something awesome, we should say ‘it’s so good, it must be from the 80s’. Just imagine if we’re eating something tasty ‘Hmmmm, this pudding is delicious, it must be from the 80s'”.

I laughed for a long time.


We logged! “Well done” (said in the voice of the River Spirit)

PS: I’ve been playing a lot on Facebook lately. You can like the Widdershins Facebook page here.

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