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Your Awesome Thing

Your Awesome Thing is the Thing you want to do in this world Sometimes it will look like a “specific thing”. A very clear goal. A dream. You can see the image in your mind’s eye, you can describe every detail of it. It’s a house, a car, a website, a city, a job. SometimesRead more

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Why you should watch cartoons as a productivity strategy

While I was writing the “Working with your Stuff” e-book, I watched (almost) the whole of “Hey Arnold!”. (In fact, I am watching it right now) While writing + launching my e-book “How to be OK with Yourself”, I watched the whole of “Daria”. Several times. Then I got Daria to help me write theRead more

Weekly Connecting Practice: Body

In today’s connecting practice we are going to try to connect with our bodies. But only a tiny bit! This is ideal if you don’t do yoga and you’re not even ready to do yoga (or any similar body-like work). We all have stuff around our bodies. So doing something with our bodies *while* beingRead more

Weekly Connecting Practice: Invoking Safety

It’s Weekly Connecting Practice time! Today we are are connecting with “safety”. That’s right! ‘Cuz we can also connect to certain “qualities”, or states of being. It is ideal when you’ve been in the hyper-anxiety inducing world of internet crazy-making drama. We are looking for a sense of “safety”, a feeling of “being ok”. PerhapsRead more

Weekly Connecting Practice

I was in the middle of my “Connecting Practice” last night, and I wondered: “How can I help people experience this sense of connecting to themselves?”. So I’m starting this thing called “Weekly Connecting Practice”. Connecting Practice This is what I’m calling “the practice of getting back to yourself”. What you do is you tryRead more