It’s Weekly Connecting Practice time!

Today we are are connecting with “safety”. That’s right! ‘Cuz we can also connect to certain “qualities”, or states of being.

It is ideal when you’ve been in the hyper-anxiety inducing world of internet crazy-making drama.

We are looking for a sense of “safety”, a feeling of “being ok”. Perhaps even “peace”.

Silence. Quiet… Shhhh…


Invoking Safety

This is what we do.

  • Recommended time: 4 minutes. (Or as much as you want)
  • Make time and find a relaxing place.
  • You can do this on the floor, on a cushion or yoga mat. Or on the bed or sofa.
  • Get into “Child’s Pose”. Essentially you turn yourself into an egg, facing down. Don’t overthink it, just try to get comfortable.
  • Play the lovely music I’ve linked to.
  • Shelter your eyes with your hands, as to to not let any light in from the corners.
  • Relax and listen to the music.
  • Try to soak in comfort from the ground, or the cushion.
  • Do you feel safe? Sheltered? Relaxed? Cared for?
  • When the music is up, spend a few moments in silence.
  • Bring yourself back to the present slowly.



And remember that it’s a practice. A phrase which here means “we start sloppily and we get better at it with time”.


IMPORTANT! One more thing: don’t turn this into a “should”. If it doesn’t feel “blissful”, “enjoyable” or remotely appealing, don’t do it. Try something else instead.

The last thing you need is to begin associating “connecting to yourself” with “unpleasant things other people tell you to do”.