You have a reason

You Have a Reason to be Depressed

You have a most excellent reason. In fact, you probably have a whole lot of excellent reasons. YOU HAVE A REASON TO BE DEPRESSED It doesn’t matter if you’re famous. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich. It doesn’t matter if you’re best pals with Oprah, and you two spend every Sunday in the Seychelles sippingRead more

suck copy

What to do when you’re panicking about all the “suck”

The other day I was in a serious suck How serious? Tears; “I hate the world”; “I hate myself”; “I hate my life”; “nothing good has ever happened and nothing good will ever happen”. THAT kind of “suck”. I worked with it. And helped myself “out”. Here’s what I did. Music. Obvious? Yes? Cheesy? Absolutely.Read more

Pausing the Memory

I don’t know what triggered the memory. But suddenly, here it is: the moment I found out that my smart, sensitive boyfriend liked “g*rl on g*rl” stuff. There it was: the disgusting, filthy, vile, repugnant, rotten goo of poison hidden somewhere inside his heart. Disappointment. Eventually they all prove to have this disgusting, filthy, vile,Read more

tiny love message copy

A Tiny Love Message To Women Who Might Be Hurting

Something happened the other day. Something involving a possible case of domestic violence. It didn’t involve me in any way. But it triggered old memories all the same. Because, yes… I’ve been in abusive relationships. But I’m not ready to talk about it. Instead, I want to draw your attention to what helped me leaveRead more

"All Ways Are My Ways"

The Inner World of a Meltdown

Here’s the thing. A part of me doesn’t want me to post this, because she thinks it’s completely useless. Another part of me thinks it can help someone, and “you never know”. So I’m letting *you* decide. Feel free to let me know if it does help you.   The Story: How I Ended UpRead more