I am single and I’m in pain

This is one of those rare posts where I show you “live” how I work with my stuff. It’s full of seriously cool and useful concepts. At least 5 things that are Important to Know. First the back story I was in a Facebook conversation on the topic of “Single”. When suddenly I felt *anger*.Read more


Even Though

You want something, but you think you shouldn’t want it. That’s what being in resistance looks like. And one way to get out of it is to practice “even though”, and acknowledge conflicting thoughts and feelings. Here is something I wrote, when I was in a… state of despair. As I often am. Even thoughRead more

This shall be Mr Wonderful. 
For now...

Clarity is Scary

Say you want something. Like, oh, I don’t know, to pick an example totally at random: A WONDERFUL MAN. So you decide to work with this Want by using “Qualities” This is a technique to help you get closer to the thing you want. It works like this: you break down this thing you wantRead more

daria copy

Why you should watch cartoons as a productivity strategy

While I was writing the “Working with your Stuff” e-book, I watched (almost) the whole of “Hey Arnold!”. (In fact, I am watching it right now) While writing + launching my e-book “How to be OK with Yourself”, I watched the whole of “Daria”. Several times. Then I got Daria to help me write theRead more

suck copy

What to do when you’re panicking about all the “suck”

The other day I was in a serious suck How serious? Tears; “I hate the world”; “I hate myself”; “I hate my life”; “nothing good has ever happened and nothing good will ever happen”. THAT kind of “suck”. I worked with it. And helped myself “out”. Here’s what I did. Music. Obvious? Yes? Cheesy? Absolutely.Read more