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Weekly Log #27: Expanding Gently

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

There was less crying this week.
There was also: more clarity, gentle expansion and more writing.

Boom. Let’s log.

  • Considerably less crying this week. Also, considerably less misery. I sense progress!
  • I asked for help. I actually asked a human being for help. In person and everything! I get all the sparklepoints for this.
  • I wrote 3 blog posts. And another I can’t share because I’m shy. Yay for writing, but even more so for clarity. Yay for epiphanies and yay for turning those epiphanies into writing.
  • And another breath for this intuition that big changes are a-coming. A breath for the fear that they may not come. A breath for the strength and courage to change things.
  • Big Serious Pranayama Practice this week. It feels like it is losing its effect. A breath for patience.
  • Difficult times on Tuesday. Grateful for all the techniques that help me deal with the “OMG, HERE WE ARE AGAIN IN THIS SH!T PLACE, DOOM!!!”.
  • More time spent with friends. Have I mentioned that friends are the best? Seriously.
  • So much progress on the j-o-b department. I cannot believe it, but it’s here. I am actually expanding and going for “more” than I ever thought I would go for. This is surprising to me.
  • I am moving forward! Or so it feels like. Sometimes. But I sense progress, I sense “expansion” and I am giving myself points for it all.

Moments of Insight

The biggest insight this week is summed up in my most popular post ever: “Be Magic For Other People” and in “There Must Be More Than Getting By”.

I can sum up this epiphany with this quote:

“There is no point in following the “self-help path” if it’s not going to lead us to believe in a more beautiful world”

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)


Yay. A log logged.
I don’t know if I am “expanding” for real, or if I’m imagining things, but I am here and I am showing up.

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