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The Personal and the Political

Widdershins is all about trying to do things differently from the way we are doing them now. And the Widdershins approach to politics, specifically, consists of separating between the “political stuff” and the “personal stuff”. And being very clear not to mix the two. I swear one day this approach will be a book. (IfRead more

Four qualities

With a Whisper…

Today is the first day of Autumn… a time to turn inwards. But back in my home country, in the Southern hemisphere, today is Spring Day… And Spring is the time of growth and new beginnings. Today is the day when Widdershins starts walking into the world… When I invite everyone to look at thisRead more

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About Us

Hello, Hi! I’m Mary Tracy. I’m a political writer and the world’s first and only political activist life coach.   This is my Imaginary Monster, he lives under my bed. I call him Imo. I talk to him all the time. His words will appear in blue: “Ehm… Hi“. Wait, a political activist life coach?Read more

Is This You?

You are a Lefty, Feminist, Socialist, Anarchist, Communist, Environmentalist, Marxist… You love politics, and activism. You believe in changing the world. And in entirely unrelated news… you are a tad miserable. Depressed. Anxious. Your life is… how can we say it…? Falling short of your expectations. Perhaps you’re broke, unemployed, skint. Perhaps you are stuckRead more

Widdershins means

The Essence of Widdershins

“Widdershins is anti clockwise, Richard” Door, Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman The essence of Widdershins is… doing things differently. Politics is the art and science of changing the world… and here we are trying to change the way we go about changing the world. We will cover politics from a different place, with a different setRead more