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Moments of Happiness

The Holidays (capital “H”) be upon us! I don’t know you, but I tend to get really stressed during this time. This year, I am turning down the stress dial… by a lot. Instead of “Happy Holidays”, I think of it as “Happy Moments”. One of the beautiful side-effects of mindfulness practice is that weRead more

Bananas. Better as dessert, than as an emotional state.

Our Default is Peace

It takes less energy to be “happy”. To be at peace. To be whole. We are hard wired for peace, you see. If you get quiet enough, you find peace. Our default is “happiness”, our default is “peace”, our default is “wholeness”. Of course, we get thrown out of alignment because we live in aRead more

What is your...

Your Awesome Thing

Your Awesome Thing is the Thing you want to do in this world Sometimes it will look like a “specific thing”. A very clear goal. A dream. You can see the image in your mind’s eye, you can describe every detail of it. It’s a house, a car, a website, a city, a job. SometimesRead more

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Rockstars & Resources

When you start walking the “mindfulness path”, also known as “I need to get my sh!t together, STAT!”, you need help. You need to work with your “stuff” from every angle you can think of. You need to marinate yourself in new ideas. In short, you need Rockstars and you need Resources.People who know. TechniquesRead more

Widdershins Bday

Happy Birthday, Widdershins!

Today is Widdershins’ first birthday. My baby is one year old!!! And like so many proud Mums, I am going to bore you with photos of my baby’s birthday party. This is the (cup)cake. I wanted to go for white frosting with a raspberry on top, but Widdershins was insistent: this was the (cup)cake thatRead more