“Widdershins is anti clockwise, Richard” Door, Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman

The essence of Widdershins is… doing things differently.

Politics is the art and science of changing the world… and here we are trying to change the way we go about changing the world.

We will cover politics from a different place, with a different set of rules.
Widdershins means

“Widdershins comes from the fantastic German word widersinnig, which means something like against common sense” (Havi)

Widdershins means…

“In the direction opposite to the usual”

“Contrary to the apparent motion of the Sun”

“anticlockwise or lefthandwise”

Turning widdershins means… turning inwards, in order to change the world.

Healing ourselves first… and in doing so, discovering how we can heal the world.

It’s politics… and it’s more than politics. It’s a whole new way to see the world.