Today is the first day of Autumn… a time to turn inwards.

But back in my home country, in the Southern hemisphere, today is Spring Day… And Spring is the time of growth and new beginnings.

Today is the day when Widdershins starts walking into the world… When I invite everyone to look at this wonderful place and marvel at its potential.

When I begin to hint at the possibility of turning widdershins: turning inwards and healing ourselves… in order to go out and heal the world.

When I officially tell people “this is happening, it’s here now”. I am whispering… to you: Turn widdershins…

I’m here… I’m doing this. And I love you for being there.

I’ve lit up four candles… one for each core “feeling” or “quality” I want on this journey.

First, Trust

  • In myself, my path, my project, my intention: “to bring something wonderful to the world”
  • In the Universe, for bringing me here, to this place, at this time
  • Trust that I’ll be ok no matter what happens… and that no matter what happens, I’ll be ok
  • Trust that I already have the knowledge and the resources to carry out this project

Then… Love

  • For myself, and the people I want to help… May I be of service
  • And love for the whole world

Then… Compassion

  • For myself, for when things don’t go “according to plan”
  • For those who may not be in a place where they can receive what I’m offering

And last… Presence

  • Being here, mindfulness, awareness. Being fully awake to this moment.

I hope you join me on this journey… and I promise, it’ll get easier to understand as we go along.


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