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I worry that the comfortable won’t be able to cope

Where is the line between “being comfortable and asleep” and “being so uncomfortable that you are forced to stay awake”? We must fight the system in our “inner worlds” as well.


I Wish I Was A Privileged Liberal

A personal account on coming back to politics. Because things have got worse. And because I can’t afford to fall asleep.

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Weekly Log #93: Broken, broken, broken

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was. Oh, my poor, poor neglected log, on my poor, poor neglected website. To match my poor, poor neglected life. I went through a really rough couple of weeks, but I believe I’m better now. Maybe. I’m going to call this a “truce log”, and itRead more

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Weekly Log #92: Emerging, a little

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was. Lateness of this log brought by the “Exhaustion with no name”. I’m constantly exhausted and I don’t know why. Logging time. I went to an ashram. For real! It was my first time at an ashram, and it was actually pretty awesome. It involved mostlyRead more