Nature... One of the best ways to connect to Truth.

Bullshit, a partial definition

We are designed to align with Truth. To seek it, to connect to it, to remember it. That’s what most spiritual and religious practices are based on: rituals to remind us to keep connecting to Truth. Why? Because we forget… We forget about what is True. And so we become obsessed with things that aren’tRead more


Marketing Hype: Debunking Life-Coaching Lies

Lies hurt. Lies lead to actual pain This is important. And the sooner we all learn this lesson the better, because the world cannot take much more lying. Lies are dangerous because even if you know they are lies, your ego mind isn’t so smart. Especially if you don’t have a healthy mechanism for “aligningRead more

The HSP manifesto

My Highly Sensitive Person Manifesto

One of the reasons why it has taken me so blooming long to find out that I’m a Highly Sensitive Person is because… I am sensitive to things most people aren’t sensitive to. For example: most HSPs have food allergies or food sensitivities. Well… I don’t. I have no food allergies of any kind toRead more