Yes. I am scared of every single thing on this photo.

Because I’m Scared of Dreaming

This is one of those rare posts where I share my process. This is what happened. I was day dreaming, as I often do, and catching myself doing so (thank you, mindfulness). I was in resistance, simultaneously enjoying the day dreaming and beating myself up for it. And we know what Havi says… “When youRead more

How I’m Bypassing Procrastination

Right now I’m doing something really important that terrifies me. At the same time, I’m also tweeting compulsively. And checking every form of social media I can get my hands on. These are not contradictory statements While writing my business plan? I watched episodes of “Biker Mice from Mars*” on youtube for DAYS. And thenRead more

Sacred Needs copy

Your Sacred Needs

I want to share with you this quote by Charles Eisenstein, on an interview for “Humans are not Broken”. He’s a fantastic political writer / philosopher / mindfulness person. (My description, not his). He has a truly revolutionary approach to “politics” and in this particular case, to food. “When I eat really fresh good food…Read more