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Accidental Self-Compassion

Note: This is one of those posts where I sit down to work on my “stuff” and I find out what’s going on. What you see is literally what I did to work with my anxiety.   I am feeling *very* frustrated. And anxious. Having a meltdown that looks like this: “Gaaah, I’m never gonnaRead more

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Working with Unemployment-ness

Warning: Unemployment-ness, that is, the state of being unemployed, can be a minefield of triggers for all kinds of emotional turmoil. It’s difficult, painful and there are no easy answers. This his how I’m practicing, and so far it’s a work in progress. This is not the post I wish I was writing. The postRead more

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Self-Abuse: Some Notes

[Warning: This post is about “abuse” in different forms. Only read if you feel ready]   I’ve been thinking a lot about self-abuse lately. It’s part of my healing process… dealing with my past experiences of abusive relationships. (yes, there has been one… or two… or three) And it all starts with myself: my relationshipRead more