Revolutionary Podcasts

Here’s my most trusted sound sources for radical thinking.
  • “A New and Ancient Story”, by Charles Eisenstein
  • “Healing Culture Podcast”, later named “Embracing Apocalypse”, by Eric Garza
  • “For the Wild” with Ayana Young
  • “Future Primitive” with Joanna Harcourt-Smith
  • “Living Myth” by Michael Meade
  • “Resistance Radio” with Derrick Jensen
  • “Ram Dass Here and Now”, lectures by Ram Dass
  • “Medicine Stories” with Amber Magnolia-Hill
  • “The Emerald” by Joshua Schrei
  • “Team Human” with Douglas Rushkoff
  • “This Mythic Life” with Sharon Blackie
  • “Why Shamanism Now” with Christina Pratt
  • “The Shaman’s Cave” with Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau
  • “The Mythic Masculine” with Ian MacKenzie