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Weekly Log #57: Things Are Moving… Maybe

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

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Late log, but due to most fabulous reasons! [Thing] that I wanted has happened, and I am absolutely enchanted.
We shall log an enchanted log today.

  • That feeling of “readiness” regarding the arrival of [Thing] did not come back. Instead, I kept moving in the “physical” world, and eventually [Thing] showed up. And now it’s here. All the quiet celebrations for the arrival of Nac Mac Baby.
  • Nac Mac Baby (so named in reference to the Nac Mac Feegles, and also, an accidental typo when messaging Super Friend) is indeed fabulous. Ze, for I don’t yet know its gender, is quiet and glowing, and I feel so much spaciousness and clarity when working with it. A breath for gratitude, and for enjoyment.
  • The arrival of Nac Mac Baby took place without fanfare, without pomp or circumstance. I didn’t allow myself to imagine its arrival, I practiced presence instead. I stayed present with every step I took, and didn’t “escape” into imagined outcomes. None of this feels… normal for me. I was expecting exhilaration, but instead I had Quiet Joy. I was expecting lots of daydreaming, but instead I stood present and didn’t get “carried away”. Perhaps the lack of “exhilaration” was due to the many years of emotional energy spent in wanting it. Perhaps I am moving more towards Quiet Joy and Everyday Peace, and Love as a Default State, and away from the “OMG YAY! OMG NAY” that has characterised me up to now, which can have its very power downsides.
  • Listening to Amanda Palmer’s “The Art of Asking”. Saying that I “enjoyed” it would not do it justice. Amanda Palmer is modelling what I call “the New Rules”, what Charles Eisenstein calls “the New Story”, this new “consciousness” we must embrace to change the world into its next “phase”. May I be able to “channel” my inner Amanda Palmer more often.
  • I don’t know if things are “moving”, but I would like to think they are. I want nothing more than to run like the proverbial wind, to become a creative force to be reckoned with… And yet, I don’t. Here’s a prayer for my creative energy to finally (finally!) start finding its outlet.
  • Had dinner with Tiny Friend who is the best. I had anxiety over this, and then Tiny Friend was her usual wonderful, supportive self and it sort of broke me open. A breath for enlightening experiences of love.
  • Been having digestion troubles. I’ve started taking liquorice tea and I’ve been to the doctor. I’m also keeping an eye out, in case these digestion troubles, controlled by the third chakra, are linked to “internal stuff”, say “empowerment” and “leadership”.
  • I changed the inner tube on my bike’s wheel! I had supervision from my friend, but I did it! I actually feel empowered. And having a decent back wheel on my bike makes a huge difference to my riding experience. Sparklepoints for me!
  • Ehm… photoshoot with friend and friend. In the beach. While wearing floaty flowery dress. Yes, this happened. Also, made apple jam with friend and now I have apple jam. A breath for trying new things.

Moments of Insight

This week’s insight cannot be put in words. It was this embodied feeling of wonder and sacredness, combined with soul music. Like immersing myself in a pool of cool, clear water, by the light of the Moon. Then emerging with clear sight, a deep sense of “I see now, I understand now”. And awe at our human lives.
Like being able to hold more wonder, and also being aware of more pain. How they are both connected.

This is the human experience, and there’s occasionally magic, we just have to go very quiet and spend time in the places we’d rather run away from, these raw and vulnerable questions like: “how is so much love possible”.

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)

  • “Back To The Future Of Work. If you can’t get enough of economic geekery, and you want some analysis of the current economic reality for my generation, check this.
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    It’s been a strange week, but I am here and so is Nac Mac Baby.
    I am Quietly Joyful. I have a sense of “Everyday Peace”.
    And I am glowing love to the world, just because.

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