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It’s pronounced “wee-der-shins”

It’s old English for “in a direction opposite to the usual”.

I believe we need to go in the direction opposite to business as usual if we want to avoid this collision course with Hell

“Hell” is a word which here means “the planet bakes to a crisp and human civilisation disappears, leaving scavenging tribes surviving off the remains of this madness, if they are lucky and don’t die before that with the rest of us”.

Though I also talk about depression, because what with the world being what it is, depression is a normal, natural response to impending Hell.  

OK, so what is this website about?

Widdershins is the collection of truths, thoughts and techniques to work with depression, anxiety, the blues, procrastination, lostness and “what do I want to do with my life” syndrome.

I help people find ways to heal their pain and work with their fears, so they can start living how they want to live.

How? By teaching them the tools they need to work on themselves on a regular basis, so that they stay mentally and emotionally healthy.

Teaching them how to interact with their depression so that they can learn about themselves and move on with their lives. 

So that they can get on with life already.

It’s “keeping it real, no BS, ‘self-help’ that doesn’t suck”.

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