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Online Workshop! Working with our Stuff – Objectification Edition


Gather round, everyone! Widdershins presents…

Its First Online Class on the subject of “Objectification, how it affects us personally and what we can do about it”

Awesome! I’m really excited and I’m proud to say I’m not completely paralysed with fear. Which is sure proof that this stuff works!

So. What is this Online Class of which you speak?

It’s like a Feminist workshop, but online. ‘Cuz it’s the future, yo!

You sign up HERE and you’ll be sent an e-mail with a link. On Sunday at 7 you log in to the site by following the link and using your e-mail address. Then you’ll be taken to a lovely place where you will be able to listen to me and chat online with the other Feminists. Neat, huh?

And what does this class consist of again?

Short answer: I have no idea. Yet! But I have a story!

I asked on Twitter “what feminist issue has affected you the most in your personal life?

And Hannah told me about a whole bunch of stuff which can be summed up with “objectification”.

So a part of me went “AHA! We need to help feminists with THIS”.

And that’s what I’m gonna try to do.

I’m going to try to give you an overview of how you can use mindfulness based techniques to deal with the internal “stuff” that results from living in a patriarchal society where such a thing as objectification exists. Trying to help you ease your way into playing with ways to establish boundaries so that objectification doesn’t get under your skin so much.

Why are you doing this, Mary?

Well… you know how I’m the world’s first and only “Political Activist’s Life Coach”? (Which means I coach political activists to help them be happier)

I need to try out my techniques with actual Feminists, and get clearer on what I’m offering. Because being the “first and only” means I have to make this up as I go along.

And I want to get better at helping Feminists. I know it is possible, and I know I have the knowledge, but I need to get better at crafting something they can actually understand and use.

I know that mindfulness stuff helps. But I need to get better at explaining how.

What if I can’t make it?!?

Well… I can’t promise anything, but there may be a recording. It will depend on how the Technology Gods are feeling towards us. And whether I can stomach hearing myself speak… (I have an accent. And a lot of issues).

But if there’s a ton of interest, I may just transcribe the class into a .pdf file.


What I want from you…

Questions, questions, lovely questions! All your “But…!” and your doubts and your issues with these ideas.

If my work is to help you and people like you, I need to get super clear on what you struggle with.

Patience. For me, because I’m learning on the job and these concepts are still relatively new to me.
For yourself, because these concepts are super hard to put into practice and take lots of time (they are also the only thing that works, so there’s that).

Appreciation: I’m doing this from the bottom of my heart, as a gift to you and other feminists. You don’t have to like it or agree with it, but please keep this in mind.

Compassion. For yourself and other Feminists. This stuff is super difficult. (Which is why most “life coach-ey” people don’t address them). We are all struggling with some aspect of it, we’ve all been “scarred” in some way or another. Compassion and understanding goes a long way towards healing.

I think that’s it.

Oh, one more thing. The Technology Gods can be moody. If anything happens, we regroup on this post here.
And another thing! We’re on Facebook now! Oh yes, this is gonna be fun!

See you on Sunday! And remember:

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