Havi Brooks “Procrastination Dissolve-o-Matic”

Procrastination Dissolve-o-matic


How can I explain to you how Havi’s work saved my life?

And more importantly, how can I do it without sounding obnoxious?

Let’s start from the beginning…

It was 2010, and I was in a… shall we say… “less than ideal” relationship with a person.
I had found Havi’s blog through a feminist site.

It was a website that claimed to help with procrastination. Alright, I hung around.

I mean, I was the worst procrastinator in the world, having spent the previous 3 years trying to muster the courage to pitch a Very Famous Newspaper and failing spectacularly at it.

Like most people, I had encountered the “self-help woo woo” stuff before, and thought it was all nonsense for feeble minded people. I mean, I have a degree in Astrophysics, for Christake!
But Havi framed the woo woo in such a way that it made sense.
Because she’s smart.

I mean really smart. Her logic is without fault, and trust me, if there’s someone who can spot faulty logic, that’s me.

So I started reading her blog, trying out what she suggested…

And thank Goodness I did. Thank all the stars in heaven above…

Because a few months later I would find myself unemployed, broke and homeless, having left said “less than ideal” relationship with a person.

Things had to change. And fast.
I clung to Havi’s wisdom, started a yoga practice and the rest is history…

Thanks to Havi’s work I’ve managed to:

  • Heal my depression, which started off at the age of 15 and never really went away…
  • Heal my anxiety, which was so strong I didn’t even know I had it, since it was an ever present thing in my life…
  • Work with my social anxiety, to the extent that I can now travel abroad alone and even go to cafes (go me!)
  • Start a yoga practice, so that now I’m fitter than I’ve ever been, and have learned how to calm myself down when I “lose it”.

Oh, and…

  • Start Widdershins, to help people in a similar state of emotional “stuck”

As for procrastination…

Who cares about procrastination?!?!

I’ve learnt how to heal my depression! For the first time in my life I can actually function without feeling like I’m inside a numbing fog! And I don’t hate every second of every hour of my life!

Oh, right, *you* probably care about procrastination…

Yes, I’ve learned to work with my procrastination too.

My point is: I used Havi’s wisdom and techniques to “dissolve procrastination” to deal with a much bigger, badder monster: depression.

If that’s not the best guarantee you’ve ever read, I don’t know what is. Because, baby, I’ve been visiting the therapist office since I was 5 years old. I am one tough nut to crack.
And Havi’s work managed it.

OK. What to do now?

If you are ready to buy Havi’s Procrastination Dissolve-o-Matic, then click this very handy link. It will take you to Havi’s site.

If you are still unsure… this is what you do.

Go to Havi’s archive of past telecalls, where she delivers her Havi wonder wisdom on topics such as:

  • How to start doing the “thing” already
  • What to do when you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed
  • Starting a regular exercise routine
  • Dealing with awkward social situations
  • Transitions and endings
  • Shoes (ie: communication mishaps with fellow humans)

That should give you not just an awful lot of awesome wisdom to start the healing journey, but a really good idea of what to expect from Havi’s “Procrastination Dissolve-o-Matic”.

I am “partnered” with Havi on this

All the links to the Procrastination Dissolve-o-Matic on this page are “affiliate” links.

That means that if you buy from them, I get a percentage of the monies.

I am really proud of being partnered up with Havi on this. I’ve been promoting her stuff for years, and only just now plucked the courage to ask to be partnered and I was accepted. Yes, I am really proud of that.

Of course, you can just go to Havi’s website and buy directly from her.

Why it makes sense to buy through my affiliate link

Havi doesn’t do e-mail anymore. And she is has stopped doing private sessions. (I know… I am the first to be disappointed, I guarantee you)

If you’re working with the Procrastination Dissolve-o-Matic and you get stuck, I am your best port of call. I have been using the wisdom and techniques from the Dissolve-o-Matic for 4 years now. But not just that…

I have been studying everything in the Fluent Self world since 2010. I’m like a walking encyclopedia of Fluent Self knowledge.
I have internalised wisdom and techniques from products that are no longer on sale (I know…).

So if you get stuck and you need help, or you want to take all this work further, I am here.

Last wishes…

Check out Havi’s blog.

Download the past teleclasses and get started on the healing journey.

Get my own e-book on “Working with your Stuff”.

I am wishing you the very best on your journey.

And remember…

You are not alone