What is your...

Your Awesome Thing

What is your...

Your Awesome Thing is the Thing you want to do in this world

Sometimes it will look like a “specific thing”. A very clear goal. A dream.
You can see the image in your mind’s eye, you can describe every detail of it.
It’s a house, a car, a website, a city, a job.

Sometimes it will feel like a craving… A vague sense of wanting “more” in your life. Not a specific “Thing” but a spiritual quality.

I use “Awesome” as a default, because who doesn’t want that. But it could be, for example, Confidence. you just wish you could feel more confident, act more confident, or surround yourself with confident things.

Or it could be my personal favourite: Possibility.
I want Possibility everywhere. Possibility around living spaces: “It is possible to live here!”, Possibility around traveling: “It is possible to travel there!”.

And of course, one leads to the other… A Thing leads to a Quality or a Quality leads to a thing.

Sometimes you will feel dissatisfied, aware of this “desire” for things to feel more… “something. More exciting, more magical, more awesome.
So you pay attention to this desire, this craving… You get real quiet and you listen. And maybe you discover that there’s an actual Thing you want to do.

Sometimes you go straight after the thing you want, and you get it. Only to discover that… it needs more Awesome! Or more Magic! It needs… “more”. So you get busy adding more Awesome to your Thing.

I like this definition. A lot.

Most coaches and self-help people focus on getting a specific Thing: a career, a project, a book… They talk about productivity and “plans” and “goals” and what not…

I wish I was so… focused.

I’m not. My natural habitat is the world of emotions, stories, spiritual qualities. The heck I know what I want!

So what I do is go after an Awesome Thing. I chase after a Thing, but I keep my focus on the Awesome. Or whatever quality I’m going for.
Then I try to make that Thing as Awesome as I can. I bring in as much Awesome as possible.

The advantage of this definition is that it keeps the Thing in check: you are not just chasing a specific thing, regardless of what it takes to get there.

Doing that can be dangerous. What if you strain and work yourself to the bone trying to get your Thing? How awesome would that feel at the end?
Not much.

If that happens, you go back to focusing on adding more Awesome. See?


Widdershins. My website.
For the longest time it was just this “Awesome Thing” that I was afraid to even think about.
I didn’t even know what it was going to be, and to be perfectly honest, I still don’t.
But I knew I wanted it to be… Awesome. To have Magic and Wonder. To inspire well-being, but in a “cool” way, a “soft” way.

So I just started “doing” and kept bringing in as much awesome as I could.
The qualities of Magic and Awesome are interwoven everywhere in this website. It’s in the logo, in the e-mail newsletter, in the covers for the e-books…

Whenever I’m working on something and it starts feeling like a “chore” (which is often), I automagically stop.
I wish I could say that it’s because of my very advanced spiritual practice… But it seems to be the way I’m wired: when something doesn’t feel magical, or meaningful, or when the story behind it doesn’t “fit”, I cannot work on it.

So I have to stop. And reconnect to the magic, the meaning, the story…

Your Awesome Thing doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else

Your Awesome Thing is *yours*.

See that photo above? It shows my Awesome Thing. So much so that when I saw it for the first time I felt a distinct “Ow”… And when I was writing this post, I knew this photo had to go with it.

I cannot explain why this photo shows my Awesome Thing… It would probably make sense only to me.

When I see it, I am reminded of what I want.

In a nice, soft, gentle, loving way…

Your Awesome Thing can be pretty scary

Nothing’s scarier than wanting things and going after them

Your Awesome Thing will trigger all your stuff.
Stuff such as:

“What if I go after it and I don’t get it? What if I never get it and end up broken-hearted? What if I’m not good enough? What if I don’t deserve it?”.

And all of that is what we got to work on.

It’s also another reason why we focus on bringing in the spiritual Qualities… Because if you go after your Awesome Thing in an *Awesome way*, then you will get Awesome, in one form or another.

Your Awesome Thing is what we focus on in the Mini Online Coaching Magic Ride

But we do it in a nice, soft, gentle, loving way. A non-scary way.

Because the goal isn’t just to get the Thing. Or to get Awesome.

The goal is to learn how to bring in Awesome into your life regularly… And to deal with whatever Stuff shows up when you do.

If you want to start working with your Stuff right now, you can sign up below.
In a few days, I will be e-mailing those on the list The Questions we use in the Mini Online Coaching Magic Ride. And if you’re signed up, you will get them too.

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