Wednesday 26th of may
7 pm gmt

"I tried mindfulness,

A workshop for everyone who ever said
"I tried mindfulness, but..." or
"I tried meditation, but..."

mental health awareness
week / month

"Help! Someone told me that meditation helps with depression, but I tried it and it sucked!"

Do not fear, help is on the way. And by "help" I mean a workshop where I'll explain this very thing.

You're not alone.
There is a lot of confusion here

A lot of people struggling with their mental health, have tried meditation, or mindfulness, or yoga, or other alternative healing modalities and come back convinced that they just don't work.

Makes sense, right?

"How can sitting my butt on the floor and thinking about the breath help me with the sense that I'm wasting my life???"

If you have given up on these techniques and want to learn the truth about whether they work or how they can help you, I'm teaching a workshop on that on Wednesday 26th of May. In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week / Month.

Accurate portrayal of someone meditating in a messy room
When they tell you that you need "grounding" so you try anything

Some of the things we will cover:

Who am I,
you ask?

I'm Mary, yoga teacher and web designer.

I have mindfulness, meditation and yoga to thank for healing my decades long struggles with mental health.

That’s why I feel so strongly about these practices: because they can help you heal yourself.

That's me deep in concentration as I write on my diary

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