Weekly Connecting Practice

I was in the middle of my “Connecting Practice” last night, and I wondered: “How can I help people experience this sense of connecting to themselves?”.

So I’m starting this thing called “Weekly Connecting Practice”.

Connecting Practice

This is what I’m calling “the practice of getting back to yourself”.

What you do is you try to get quiet and go inside your body. Connect to your heart. Getting back to the most “you-ness” of you. Maybe even ask a few loving questions, such as “How am I feeling?” or “What do I want?”.

Why do we do it?

Because we need to regularly come back to ourselves. It’s simply too easy to leave ourselves behind in our everyday life.

If you don’t come back to yourself regularly, you can’t follow your heart compass. Which means you are left following the map, aka: “doing what everyone else is doing”, regardless of whether it’s what you need to do or not. Which means that if you are weird different from the mainstream, then following the map will leave you broken and ill. Not good.

So. Regularly connecting to ourselves? Awesome.

DividerRecommended time: 5 minutes. (Or as much as you want)

  • Make time, and find a relaxing place.
  • If you want to go the extra mile, lie down with your eyes closed. If you can’t, just rest your head on your hands.
  • It’s much better if you can do this with your eyes closed.
  • Play the lovely music I’ve linked to.
  • Try to “go behind your eyes”. Get super quiet.
  • See if you can pay attention to your breath. Try to notice your heartbeat, if you want to.
  • Lovingly ask yourself “how am I feeling?”. Just listen for the answer without judgement
  •  When the music is up, spend a few moments in silence.
  • Bring yourself back to the present slowly.



Let me know how it goes.

And remember that it’s a practice. A phrase which here means “we start sloppily and we get better at it with time”.


IMPORTANT! One more thing: don’t turn this into a “should”. If it doesn’t feel “blissful”, “enjoyable” or remotely appealing, don’t do it. Try something else instead.

The last thing you need is to begin associating “connecting to yourself” with “unpleasant things other people tell you to do”.

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