Weekly Log #69: Sleep! Thanks For Coming Back!

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

This Log has to happen soon, because I’m one busy lady.
I’m not, but it feels that way right now. So, logging!

  • Sleep came back, mostly! I carried on praying and now I’m sleeping better. So there you have it: sometimes God is an arsehole, and sometimes it isn’t. What does this prove? I have no idea!
  • We are not done with “The Publishing Chronicles”, or even “The Writing Adventures”. That’s how I’ve named my “addysees”, aka: stories and struggles around writing my truth and publishing posts. Every day I say to myself “Publish something!” and every day I fail. Every day I say “you wanna be a writer? then write stuff!” and everyday I don’t. I think we need to switch to a kinder way of encouraging myself because this one isn’t working :P.
  • Confusion around “The Search for Mr Soulmate”. Which is weird and disorientating; I have always been clear on this. I mean, not completely, but I am now confused in areas I didn’t use to be. A breath for entering a new story with ease.
  • Still not done with the “The Tooth Grief”. Not even remotely done. I cannot breath when I think about this, it brings so much pain. A breath for health and for remembering truth.
  • I took tiny steps into the Oddysee “Expanding the Circle”. They are small, but they count, so sparklepoints for me!
  • Work and work and yet more work. Not complaining, because abundance, but work is very… worky.
  • Trying out new perfumes, then circling back to the one I have always liked. Though this time I might get it.
  • I am less stressed about the lack of progress in all my projects/oddysees/stories. I am in a state of “Oh well, it will happen when it happens, if it is meant to happen”. I imagine this is the direct result of prayer, and if it is, it’s very welcomed!

Moments of Insight

This week’s Moment of Insight wasn’t impressive either, as I haven’t had one of those moments of “Bing!” in a while. I just had a small moment of “Huh, I am not going to be reduced to how I make my income!”.

Yes. My job is to look after myself as best I can, to support my livelihood as best I can.
And my job is to speak Truth as best I can.
That-is-it. My job is not to write stuff that “people will like”, or stuff that “people will pay for”. What other people like or do is not my job. My job is my craft, every word I use and every idea I express. Truth is my job. Not what other people do with their money.

(Though this insight was lovely at the time, like most insights, I am now less certain of it, and standing on wobblier ground)

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)


Woohoo, another log logged, if slightly late. On a day I did lots of things.

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