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Weekly Log #41: Stumbling on joy

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

This might be hard to believe, and harder still to explain, but I seem to have found access to a pool of “inner joy” that I can dip into, so that I am “happy” in spite of circumstances.
Nobody’s more surprised than me.
And so… let’s log.

  • Serious Pranayama Practice! I’m gonna keep on celebrating its existence. Also, I made potato pakoras and there was much rejoicing.
  • Day job. And wait! I experienced peace, and almost joy! How could this be?! At the day job, of all places?!? But it’s true. It happened. WOW.
  • I spent hours trying to make the website better and came up with nothing. Argh abounds.
  • Super evening with Super Friend! We had an Indian banquet and I cooked things, and everything was super and awesome! Grateful, grateful, grateful. Also, more peace & joy. How?! I dunno.
  • I am feeling better, in general, even though things are still hard. How weird is that? Very.
  • Are things moving? They seem to be. A breath for movement.
  • Suddenly, everyone I know came to visit, in a short space of time. Dunno what this means…

Moments of Insight

What if there’s freedom in poverty?
No, hear me out.

I tend to focus on the lack of freedom brought by poverty because, of course.
But what about all the freedom that comes from poverty? After all, not being able to afford… “anything” means so many things are not an “option”. And there’s freedom in that. Like “I don’t have to think about A, B or C because I can’t afford them, so let’s forget about them and be at peace”.

How about that?

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)


Yay to feeling better in spite of all the things.
Yay for meditation. Yay for peace and joy showing up seemingly out of nowhere.
And yay for writing and Truth.

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