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Weekly Log #32: Miracles, or something like that

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

Yep, miracles.
By the middle of this week, things had got so bad that I began to ask for miracles.
I now feel better, so maybe it worked?

Let’s log.

  • Piece of bad news. Or rather, challenging news. Seriously upsetting. A breath for all the stress. A breath for ease.
  • No change on the “Big Thing That Happened”. Processing said thing in the “soft”.
  • I started a Seriously Challenging Practice, helped by the power of the “Super New Moon”. It is the culmination of years of working with my stuff and, at the same time, it is the start of working with my stuff on a whole new level. POINTS FOR THIS!!!
  • I plunged myself deep into the “Working with Miracles” stuff, courtesy of Marianne Williamson and “A Course in Miracles”. I felt so desperate that I literally dropped on my knees and prayed for a miracle. “Dear God, please show me a path out of fear and into love. May it be so”. I felt better the next day, and I haven’t felt as desperate since, even though my circumstances have not changed at all.
  • Dinner with Super Friend & Co! The best, the best <3.
  • Yoga with my actual yoga teacher, the One and Only!!! Yes, finally, yoga, after so long..
  • Learning so many things about the ego and about being OK with chaos. All the points for this.
  • Finishing “The School for Good and Evil”. Yay for fantasy books for children.
  • Eating lots of great things, pancakes and chapatis and avocados and this makes me happy.

Moments of Insight

I’ve been learning so much, about the ego, and about how to turn away from fear and into love.

Even amidst all the challenges and all the hardship, I can still learn from this experience.

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)

Brene says:

“If you’re not gonna be armoured up during the day, you can’t be going into battle every day.
So if you’re a friend, and we’re gonna go to lunch and I have to spend an hour and a half battling with you about whose kids are doing better on standardised testing, and what are you driving, and how much are you making, I can’t do that with you anymore. Because I can’t live with armour on anymore. Because it’s keeping me away from intimacy.”


It has been so hard to log this week…

Here’s to asking for miracles, and wishing for things to get better.

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