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Weekly Log #29: Concentrated Camomile

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

This week, the anxiety! I began to wish for “liquid Valium”, or at least “concentrated camomile”.
I’m only half-joking because yeah, I wouldn’t want to take Valium. But I suppose I had began to wonder whether I would need to.

Let’s log.

  • I’m currently in a really hard, uncomfortable place where none of the things are working and everything is falling apart. It’s really tough, and I am struggling. A breath for ease.
  • Serious financial tightness. Like, really real financial tightness. Not good, lots of anxiety coming from this. Another breath for ease.
  • I went to a business event and I hated it. Had a sort-of “panic attack” and had to leave. Such was the extent of the “wrong” at the content being taught. I might not be making any money with my business, but I am clear on what I don’t want for me, my business, my potential clients or the world in general.
  • My Personal Practice of Magic is pretty much the only moment of joy and spark in this stressful, dreary, dark time.
  • Teeny tiny good news. Not enough to change much yet, but it is enough to get the feeling/quality of “things are happening”.
  • Cycling in the park. Another source of joy.
  • Moment of discomfort and disharmony in [relationship]. I want to drop this story of “I am struggling and why don’t people get it and why is everyone so mean”.
  • Not being able to write. I am trying, but it’s not happening and it makes me sad.
  • I offered. Twice. Twice this week I made an offer. And once it wasn’t welcomed, and once I didn’t hear anything back.

Moments of Insight

This week was all about connecting to “Incoming Me”, which is a practice of Havi’s I have never understood until now. Maybe? Possibly?

It’s too early to tell.

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)


Good, I survived this week full of hard.

Now, n Marianne Williamson fashion, I going to ask for a miracle.

*sends blessings to the world*

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