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Weekly Log #28: The Saddest Week

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

This week, there was sadness. And there was loneliness.
Let’s log.

  • I write a log and mention the lack of crying, and seriously, the next day, there it is: crying. A breath for releasing.
  • Help doing the hardest thing: writing my CV. Grateful for friends who make everything better.
  • Stretching and stretching, going for things I would have thought impossible not that long ago. A breath for possibility.
  • So much internal processing. I don’t know where it’s taking me, but I am processing, for sure.
  • It took me days to send out the newsletter, but then I did it, and people liked it. A breath for nice feedback.
  • I didn’t speak to anyone for the entire week. I felt isolated and sad. This winter is kicking my entire arse.
  • I received the BORK and I read it and I loved it. Super grateful for this world I have found where magic is real.
  • Thinking a lot about vulnerability, thanks to Brene Brown.

Moments of Insight

I had a rather strange insight.
What if us “creators” aren’t thinking “big” enough?
What if we could create more than we think? What if I, as a writer, could actually use my words to make my dreams come true?
What if I could create reality?

I don’t know what any of this means, and for all I know, it is meaningless mumbo jumbo. But there you have it.

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)

I cannot recommend this enough. I have all the stuff around men, seeing as how their neurosis has affected me throughout the years, especially around the topic of “sex”, and Augustus Masters words are like a balm of truth for this neurosis.

I have way too many thoughts about this to articulate them coherently, so I’ll just thank the author for her bravery in coming out with the truth.


My Goodness, it was hard to log this week.

I just want to say: if you find yourself struggling right now, take heart, it is completely normal. It is always normal.
And also: we in the Northern Hemisphere are going through the “January blues”. Plus Mercury retrograde.
These are hard times, is all I’m saying, so if you’re feeling extra blue lately, it makes perfect sense.

And it always make sense. Because it just does.

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