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Weekly Log #23: Super Sad Days

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

There was a lot of sadness this week.
My goodness, there was a lot of sadness this week!

Let’s log.

  • The saddest days. I spent 2 solid days indoors, afraid of the wind and rain outside, feeling sad and super sad. A breath for releasing.
  • Gratitude for speedy healing. My wounds are healing so well, and I am truly grateful.
  • Time with friends. Scones with cream and jam! Christmas decorations and lasagna. Watching “Sister Act”. I am so, so grateful for friends, it’s ridunkulous.
  • Trouble getting out of bed, depression style. Serious struggling with getting out of bed. A breath for patience, and bringing awareness to my struggle.
  • Grieving the year. Trying to let go of 2014 mindfully, without defaulting into “well, this was a seriously crappy year full of pain and yuck”. Grieving and more sadness.
  • Christmas is upon us! And I am single! AND I DON’T LIKE THIS!!! A breath for patience.

Moments of Insight

I started off processing my “stuff” with planning the year ahead, and grieving the year that’s ending.
That’s where I started.
Where I ended, though, is in a place of understanding that “A lover is a lover, and the Universe is the Universe, and they are not the same”.

I’ve been treating the “Universe” (aka: “God”, “Consciousness”, “Source”) as a man and viceversa, expecting a potential lover to act the part of “Universe”.
This is, of course, an un-truth, a misunderstanding of the way things are.

Seriously important moment of insight I might just have to post about (even if it is embarrassing)

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)

This line. I keep coming back to it, because it’s so… true. Why yes, being hollowed out with grief is, unfortunately, how we learn and grow.

“In centuries past, the hours of darkness were a time when no productive work could be done. Which is to say, at night the human impulse to remake the world in our own image — so that it served us, so that we could almost believe the world and its resources existed for us alone — was suspended. The night was the natural corrective to that most persistent of all illusions: that human progress is the reason for the world.”


Tiny log this week! It’s Christmas week!
Here’s to a wonderful time in the days to come.

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