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Weekly Log #13: The Flu of Doom

My weekly ritual for looking at my the week that was.

Weekly Log copy

Argh! I got the flu this week!!!

It’s horrible. I haven’t been this ill in ages. *mopey face*

My mental skills are somewhat… dampened, but I am here, and I am logging.

Bring it on.

  • The flu! So, so horrible!!! And it started off so innocently, I though I just had a minor cold… Instead I have to be off (day j-o-b) for ages, and spend all my time coughing in bed.
  • And with the flu comes all the “stuff”… Such as “Why am I single? Why don’t I have someone to look after me and make me soup? *catches reflection of self in the mirror, a face of flu and fever and sleeping for hours a day* Ooooh, that’s why I’m single. I’m hideous! *cries a river*”.
  • Boy, there was a lot of stuff this week. “Why am I not successful? Why am I not wealthy? Why, why, why am I single?” Over and over again… Challenging.
  • I went out. Though it was more like this: “I’m going out. I *never* go out. I have the flu. I ‘dressed up’. I don’t know how to dress up. I look terrible. I feel worse. What is happening”. It turned out OK, actually.
  • The Dream I thought I had given up on keeps coming back… I have no idea what to do.
  • Getting support. I’m not completely alone, as I am prone to believe.
  • Downton Abbey! Hilarious. Really addicted to this Downton season.
  • Seeing friends. Spending time with friends! Friends are the best.

Moments of Insight

It happened today. Out of nowhere.
I realised what it is that I want a man to give me.


A sense of “being worthy of good things”. Or “being worthy just because”.
Or being worthy of love, I imagine…

So I realised this… and I cried…

But now I know.



(No, I don’t know what it means either…)

Things of Considerable Worth (Un-missables!)

I haven’t encountered much this week (I’ve had The Flu of Doom, after all!) but here’s something to brighten your day:

He's back

He’s back



And yes, this was a gratuitous picture of Jareth. Because *any* excuse is a good excuse for Jareth!
*Goblin Love*


That’s it for this week.
Here’s to my flu getting better… and better…

Good wishes and Goblin King :D

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