This Russell Brand Revolution

Russell Brand has come out in favour of a Revolution.
And the world seems to be paying attention. Mostly because it’s Russell Brand.

I want to explain what Brand means when he talks about this “revolution of consciousness” because he’s being a bit naughty (ha!) and not telling you anything about how to get there.

This “revolution of consciousness”? You get it through spiritual practice

The whole “Working with your Stuff” process? Owning your emotions and your dramas and working with them? Leads you to the new consciousness.

Yoga, mindfulness, meditation… all lead you to the new consciousness.

Brand says that the “revolution of consciousness is a decision” and “decisions take a moment”.

I beg to disagree.

The revolution of consciousness will require people to think differently.
Not just have different ideas, I mean changing the way we think.

That kind of change can only take place through spiritual practice.

Through the consistent and challenging work of sitting on a meditation cushion, getting on a yoga pose, practicing trusting in the Universe.
Yes, the same Universe that has made you homeless, poor, unloved. Trusting in THAT Universe.

This work is everything but easy.

Yes. If you truly want to understand what Brand is talking about, you need to practice mindfulness, meditation, yoga.

Brand is not telling you this, but he got there (or is getting there) through yoga and meditation.

You cannot fully comprehend what he means until you have experienced this “mind shift” for yourself.

Changes are a-coming

Let me be radical here for a minute: the changes that are coming to the world will require us to have a different consciousness. It will require us to think and believe differently.

This Revolution will not be “Socialism” or “Feminism”. Not because they are “wrong”, but because they are not “mindful”.

It will be less about “what” we do, and more about “how” we do it and “why”.

Oh sure, the final outcome may look like some kind of “Socialism” or “Feminism”. But the way we get there is by being mindful about how we get there.

In Brand’s interview, you hear Paxman desperately wanting to pinpoint what this “Revolution” is going to be like, and what the world is going to look like after it.
That’s exactly how “old consciousness” works: it needs to know every step of the process beforehand, to ensure everything is worked out to the tenth decimal point.

New consciousness, on the other hand, trusts that we will do the right things through having the right intentions.

Let’s get practical

This is how “new consciousness” works: before you do anything, you check in with your heart and you ask yourself “is this in alignment with my values and my intentions?”.
That’s before you do *anything*. Before you take any step.

You pause. You check in whether your next step is in alignment with your values and intentions. You change your actions accordingly.

I’ll give you some examples:
  • Before I tweet from my Widdershins account, I pause. I check in: is this in alignment with my business’ values? How am I feeling as I tweet this? What’s my intention?
  • Before I sent out my e-book to my subscribers, I lit some candles, focused on the spiritual qualities of my business and wished my e-book the very best.
  • Right before I press “send” or “publish”, I check in again: how am I feeling right now?

This is how I can “rationally” explain the mindfulness process. Of course in reality it doesn’t look like that, because it’s an internal process, and not “rational” at all.

Why I’m telling you all this

I’ve been following Charles Eisenstein for years. Then I got into the whole “spiritual practice” thing through a series of rather unfortunate events, also known as “the cheese has hit the fan of my life”.
I’m only now beginning to fully understand him when he talks about this new “story”, and about “doing the impossible”.

And I got here not through reading his work and trying to rationally understand every word he wrote, but through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and lots and lots of “working with my stuff”.

So yes, sure, I want you all to read Charles Eisenstein and understand what he says. But my ultimate reason for telling you this is that I truly believe in my heart that some of us cannot function under the “old consciousness”, or what I like to call “the old rules”.

Which is why some of us have been utter failures our whole lives: because we were trying to work under these “old rules”, when our soul / heart / consciousness / whatever-you-wanna-call-it knew better.

That’s my story. Now I’m trying to live by the new rules, or this “new consciousness”, which forces me to acknowledge what matters to me and live by it every step of the way.

This is how the “Revolution” will require us to live.

Feel free to join us. It will change your life.

PS: I will be writing a lot more about the “New Rules” and “unconventional living” from now on. I recommend you sign up for the newsletter if you wanna stay in touch.

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