It’s OK to be Negative

Ahoy there! Would you like to download my e-book “It’s OK to be Negative”? It’s a collection of my thoughts on the new-age idea that we must strive to be “positive”, and that we should shun away “negativity”. 

I had to work with this karma for a very long time, and these thoughts are the culmination of my process. I have been called “negative” since the age of 9, and the last time it happened was a few months ago. It no longer stings so much. 
How wrong it is to be cruel to people with mental health problems that might manifest as “being negative”. I wish someone had said it to me before. I now have the strength to say this, and much more loudly: 
Bullying people is never OK. And if negativity is a result of a mental health problem like “depression”, bullying people for their mental health conditions is beyond wrong. It’s vile.
If you’ve ever been called “negative”, then this is for you. If you haven’t, you can still read it, and focus instead of my debunking all notions of “positive” and “negative” thinking.