How to be OK with Yourself – My Gift to You

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The answer to “what do I do when everything sucks” cannot be “drink rum”

When a moment of “suck*” arrives, you have two options: face it, or run away and distract yourself with something.

* “suck”, noun: moments of panic when we feel nothing but “I suck and my life sucks and everything sucks”.

If you distract yourself, you are just bottling the pain up and trapping it inside you.
(This does not work as a “long term strategy”.)

There is a science and a skill in working with the “suck”. One our culture does not teach, or know much about.

(for reference, see: the world)

So you end up going to people with something like “my life totally sucks!” and they give you completely useless stuff, such as:

“it doesn’t suck”
“quit complaining”
“everyone’s life sucks”
“drink rum, it will go away”
“you have a computer, be grateful your life doesn’t suck as much as the life of *those other people*”


Feeling like crap about yourself, your life, and the Universe, is… normal. It happens.
And we all need to learn how to work with it.
Because too often the “awesome” in our lives is waiting for us on the other side of “feeling crap”.

This is for you if:

  • You need to learn how to work with your moments of “suck”, and you need it NOW.
  • You want “short, non-cheesy, no BS, practical and easy to understand”.
  • You are have been through some “serious awfulness” in your life and you absolutely cannot stomach the “positive thinking”, “you are beautiful” affirmations, kinda self-help.

What you get

The “How to be OK with Yourself” kit includes:

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  • The e-book (50 pages)
  • The audio of the workshop I gave, which includes the technique for what to do in a moment of suck and Q&A from the attendees. (running time: 37 minutes)
  • The transcript of the workshop

You will learn:

  • Why this work takes so long (and the upside of that)
  • Why most step-by-step programmes don’t work, and how to make sure this technique works for you
  • When to put this technique into practice
  • Why “feeling isn’t thinking” (and why reading self-help books usually leaves you thinking “what the Hell am I supposed to do!!!”)
  • Why it’s important to not “quash our sucks”
  • How to adapt this if you have struggled with depression your whole life
  • Why trying to learn a lesson from your moments of crisis can be counterproductive (also, you don’t need it)
  • Why feeling sucky is normal (even though it’s really annoying)
  • Why it’s important to make the suck into a Big Deal and allow yourself to feel like crap
  • Why there is useful in going through a “suck”
  • 2 rather challenging discoveries I’ve made from having survived a whole lot of suicidal feelings and abuse
  • If the advice “if you think you suck, do something about it” doesn’t work for you, here’s an alternative! (HA!)
  • What to do after you have acknowledged and allowed your pain (without putting too much pressure on yourself)

Plus: In the audio, you get to hear me saying:

“I’m not one to think of the positive, I think that the positive just arises on its own”

(which I think is awesome)

Want in?