Widdershins Bday

Happy Birthday, Widdershins!

Today is Widdershins’ first birthday.

My baby is one year old!!!

And like so many proud Mums, I am going to bore you with photos of my baby’s birthday party.

Widdershins Bday

This is the (cup)cake. I wanted to go for white frosting with a raspberry on top, but Widdershins was insistent: this was the (cup)cake that best reflected its personality.

See, I had promised “W” that I would get a cupcake. I had to endure the look of a waitress at a very posh cafe when I asked if they sold cupcakes… She probably thought I had lost all my marbles.

We had wild berry tea, from a teabag somebody gifted me today. Highly recommend it.

Do you recognise the owl in the photo. That’s right: it’s the same owl you see perched to the lamp post, right next to the W logo. It has a rather complicated name, but it sounds like “Oh-hoo-kee”.

OK, enough of me gushing about my baby.

Now, for an announcement

We are switching directions.

I am going to move away from “politics” and focus on “mental healing”. Because I’m realising that’s what people need. Working with our stuff, finding ways to make peace with “things being sucky”, finding out what we want and need and how best to get it.

You can read my new “Start Here” page and my new “About Us” page.

I also want to share with you the “Widdershins philosophy”. My beliefs about unconventional living and how we may have to learn to adapt aspects of our life to our unconventional selves, rather than forever try to change ourselves to fit the conventional mould.

I hope you’ll join me in this new direction.

And once again, Happy Birthday, Widdershins!

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