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Hello, Hi! I’m Mary Tracy. I’m a political writer and the world’s first and only political activist life coach.


This is my Imaginary Monster, he lives under my bed. I call him Imo. I talk to him all the time. His words will appear in blue: “Ehm… Hi“.

Wait, a political activist life coach?

Yep. It means I coach political activists. Feminists, lefties, hippies, communists, socialists, environmentalists, etc. Because they are the people I love.

I like to think of myself as a coach / counsellor / “spiritual guide” type person for political activists.

At the moment I’m a wee baby coach, and because I’m the first and only political activist life coach in the world, I’m learning as I go along. Which means right now I’m only working with friends and people I know. (sorry!)

But why do political activists need a life coach?

Right. Political activists have “stuff”; issues, difficulties, internal “stucks”, traumas, etc, which come with being human and being alive.

But when you have a political consciousness, it can be harder to cope with our personal “stuff”. Too often we focus on changing the world, and we forget to look into our “stuff”, why it’s there, and what we can do about it.

My personal story (the very short version)

How have I learnt the techniques for working with our “stuff”? Well, to make a long story short: by going through Hell. And by getting myself out of it.

And when I say “Hell” I mean: decades long depression, abusive relationships, poverty, homelessness, social anxiety, unemployment. Yep.

I was deeply immersed in political activism… It made sense, after all, I wanted to be a political writer.
Unfortunately, I was also very, very miserable. Which meant I couldn’t do much, political or otherwise.

Eventually I had to learn a new way to think about the world, the Universe and everything if I was to survive and get out of that…ehm… state of endless misery.

Part yoga philosophy, part Buddhist teachings, I learnt the basic tools to get myself out.

And before I knew it, I found myself on the “spiritual path” (which is far less impressive than it sounds, I assure you). It consists mostly of “liking yourself” regardless of what you do or don’t do.

And now my mission is to help other people who are suffering. Fellow political activists who are caught up in a cycle of misery.

That brings us to today. Hi. And that’s how I became the world’s first and only political activist life coach.

Wanna get in touch with us? Awesome! I’d love to hear from you.

My e-mail is: marytracy @ turnwiddershins.co.uk.

My personal Twitter account is: @MaryTracy

See you on the internets!

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