Weekly Connecting Practice: Invoking Safety

It’s Weekly Connecting Practice time! Today we are are connecting with “safety”. That’s right! ‘Cuz we can also connect to certain “qualities”, or states of being. It is ideal when you’ve been in the hyper-anxiety inducing world of internet crazy-making drama. We are looking for a sense of “safety”, a feeling of “being ok”. PerhapsRead more

Weekly Connecting Practice

I was in the middle of my “Connecting Practice” last night, and I wondered: “How can I help people experience this sense of connecting to themselves?”. So I’m starting this thing called “Weekly Connecting Practice”. Connecting Practice This is what I’m calling “the practice of getting back to yourself”. What you do is you tryRead more

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Wanting your Wants – Week Work

There’s this annoying spiritual concept that apparently rules the whole “wanting things” process. “We only get water when we are thirsty” I know. I told you it was annoying! It basically means that if we want anything, we have to fully acknowledge the feelings of not having it. And apparently it works in the “positive”Read more

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An Open Letter to Friends and Family

An open letter to friends, family and other people who care about me:   I would first like to thank you for being in my life. And for caring about me. This means a lot, even if I can’t show it most of the time. I have a small favour to ask of you. YouRead more

On Intersectionality & Privilege: Part 4

The Personal side of “intersectionality & privilege”: The “stuff” aspect We all have “stuff” with regards to intersectionality and privilege. Because we are all… trying to “get somewhere” in life and seeing how difficult and near impossible it is. The people who know about intersectionality and privilege, and who go on about them, are theRead more