I am single and I’m in pain

This is one of those rare posts where I show you “live” how I work with my stuff. It’s full of seriously cool and useful concepts. At least 5 things that are Important to Know. First the back story I was in a Facebook conversation on the topic of “Single”. When suddenly I felt *anger*.Read more

Nature... One of the best ways to connect to Truth.

Bullshit, a partial definition

We are designed to align with Truth. To seek it, to connect to it, to remember it. That’s what most spiritual and religious practices are based on: rituals to remind us to keep connecting to Truth. Why? Because we forget… We forget about what is True. And so we become obsessed with things that aren’tRead more

“I get it” – Encouraging words to stay on the path

I wrote this while I was in pain. Perhaps trying to encourage myself and a potential reader, to keep going, to stay on the path. Because, baby, when the pain strikes, and you’ve been in pain seemingly forever, you feel like giving up for good. Here it is. I get it. I get how whenRead more


Reviewing the Experience – The Yoga Festival

Last week I worked with my stuff right here on the blog to prepare myself for this yoga festival I was going to over the weekend. Today, I’m reviewing the experience. Because processing what we go through is useful. Sometimes you go on an adventure not knowing what the theme is going to be, andRead more

Depression and suicide

Jumbled Thoughts on Depression and Suicide: How to help

The topic of depression and suicide has been in my mind since the death of Robin Williams’ two days ago. These are my thoughts. They are slightly jumbled, because this is an extremely triggering topic for me. All in all, I think I did quite well. Caveats! * I will be writing about depression andRead more