Mad at the media

Why getting mad at the media is not helping you

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away known as “Feminism”, I and tons of others used to get regularly riled up about how the media screwed up our minds. And everyone else’s minds. And the whole of the world. Forever. Etc. And yes, the media does screw up our minds. But focusingRead more

Strengthening boundaries: the “Everyday Sexism” edition

The other day something quite unpleasant took place… It was the kind of thing you would report to the Everyday Sexism project. But I won’t tell you more about it, because I’ll be damned if I dirty my shiny, precious website with dirt. We are still going to work with it, though. Because it’s common.Read more

Handle with love copy

Reading “Vagina” – From Anger to Compassion

WARNING! I briefly mention trauma, but I also discuss a pathway to healing. Read only if you’re ready.   As you know, I fall out with “Feminism” on an almost daily basis. It looks like this: “THAT’s IT! I’m done with Feminism! I’M DONE WITH FEMINISTS! They can all go to…” etc The reason forRead more

Thich Nhat Hanh copy

The Pain of Mars vs Venus

  Today I found myself thinking about this idea that “men and women are different species”. To be precise, I found myself “sensing” how much pain this “idea” brings out for people. Especially men. See, here’s the thing. As women, we are “allowed” to talk about our feelings and our inner worlds. We are allowedRead more