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Weekly Log #60: Happy Birthday Widdershins

My weekly ritual for looking at the week that was. Today is Log Day. It is also Widdershins 3rd Birthday. Why yes, this baby website is 3 years old. My digestion issues are still very much “present” and letting themselves know to me. Doctor doesn’t know what I have, though they did discover I amRead more

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The Map vs the Compass

Remember Srini Rao from the last post? We’re gonna look into his “Map vs Compass” idea In his words: Srini Rao: “The map was based on where somebody else wanted me to end up.” Therese: “Challenges are inherent in ditching the map. And why are so many people afraid to do it.” Srini Rao: “WellRead more

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Online Workshop! Working with our Stuff – Objectification Edition

  Gather round, everyone! Widdershins presents… Its First Online Class on the subject of “Objectification, how it affects us personally and what we can do about it” Awesome! I’m really excited and I’m proud to say I’m not completely paralysed with fear. Which is sure proof that this stuff works! So. “What is this OnlineRead more

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The Personal and the Political

Widdershins is all about trying to do things differently from the way we are doing them now. And the Widdershins approach to politics, specifically, consists of separating between the “political stuff” and the “personal stuff”. And being very clear not to mix the two. I swear one day this approach will be a book. (IfRead more

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“Who You Gonna Call?”

So, here I was, publishing my workthrough on “Unemployment-ness” when Imo* asked me the question: “Perhaps it’s the “Unemployed” label … What would you choose to label yourself?” * That would be my imaginary friend I thought about it and replied: “Someone who is not yet capable of supporting herself but is trying to getRead more