When other people have what you want

The other day I had a mini tantrum because someone had something I wanted. Though, to be precise, it was more like “someone had something I perceived to be similar to something I want”. And something happened: I immediately got all this wisdom from… a wiser part of me. (Havi calls hers “Wiser Me”). ItRead more

What is your...

Your Awesome Thing

Your Awesome Thing is the Thing you want to do in this world Sometimes it will look like a “specific thing”. A very clear goal. A dream. You can see the image in your mind’s eye, you can describe every detail of it. It’s a house, a car, a website, a city, a job. SometimesRead more

This shall be Mr Wonderful. 
For now...

Clarity is Scary

Say you want something. Like, oh, I don’t know, to pick an example totally at random: A WONDERFUL MAN. So you decide to work with this Want by using “Qualities” This is a technique to help you get closer to the thing you want. It works like this: you break down this thing you wantRead more

Wishing you new

New Year Ritual – Forgiveness and Wishing

Well… New Year’s Eve is definitely upon us. Just a few more hours… I have so much stuff around New Year’s Eve. I really struggle. So I did what I do best: I wrote and processed it. And it helped. These are the “pearls” of what came out. I wanted to find my own “EndRead more

In case you missed it... This was my avatar during the Halloween period.

I wish I wasn’t a zombie

Sometimes, when I’m REALLY aware of how SINGLE I am, I unconsciously go into “zombie state”. You know zombies, right? They walk around like… zombies with only one thought in mind: “brains”. Except that they don’t have minds… I’m not doing a very good job of explaining zombies here. Let’s ask Wikipedia: A zombie isRead more