Even Though

You want something, but you think you shouldn’t want it. That’s what being in resistance looks like. And one way to get out of it is to practice “even though”, and acknowledge conflicting thoughts and feelings. Here is something I wrote, when I was in a… state of despair. As I often am. Even thoughRead more

Dark and Twisted Stuff

This was me earlier today, putting my “stuff” on paper. I can’t breath. This happens regularly. It’s the whole “beautiful women” thing. Again. And since forever. If God had given me a machine gun, there would be no more beautiful women on this planet. Seriously. None. Zapped out of existence. Oh, you thought working withRead more

Mad at the media

Why getting mad at the media is not helping you

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away known as “Feminism”, I and tons of others used to get regularly riled up about how the media screwed up our minds. And everyone else’s minds. And the whole of the world. Forever. Etc. And yes, the media does screw up our minds. But focusingRead more

Photo courtesy of vaidafoto.com

On being “aesthetically challenged”

My Story Me, to Imo: “I’m not ugly. I’m… ‘aesthetically challenged’” Note: this post is about my raw feelings regarding being ugly “aesthetically challenged”. Writing it was a way of “working with my stuff”. That is, write a line, shed tears, write another line, shed more tears. Yeah, like that. I don’t look the wayRead more