Triggers. They are no fun, to put it *very* mildly. In case you don’t know what a trigger is (like I didn’t) here’s what they look like for me. I see something, or hear something, and all of a sudden a memory of a Horrible Moment in my life shows up and I can’t stopRead more

Depression and suicide

Jumbled Thoughts on Depression and Suicide: How to help

The topic of depression and suicide has been in my mind since the death of Robin Williams’ two days ago. These are my thoughts. They are slightly jumbled, because this is an extremely triggering topic for me. All in all, I think I did quite well. Caveats! * I will be writing about depression andRead more

Pausing the Memory

I don’t know what triggered the memory. But suddenly, here it is: the moment I found out that my smart, sensitive boyfriend liked “g*rl on g*rl” stuff. There it was: the disgusting, filthy, vile, repugnant, rotten goo of poison hidden somewhere inside his heart. Disappointment. Eventually they all prove to have this disgusting, filthy, vile,Read more