How to Survive a Job Beneath You

It was a few months ago. I was doing a “j-o-b”, day after day after day. I needed the money. Trapped. Bored. Anxious. Help! I wrote down the title of this post, and I listed all the things I was doing to help myself survive the dread. Lots of us are in this “in between”Read more

How to find your way in the Self Help World

Argh! So sorry guys for not posting in nearly a month! I had a brilliant excuse, though. I was in Portugal teaching yoga :D. With no internet access. This whole “being offline for 2 weeks” thing? I cannot recommend it enough. But more about this some other time. Right now I want to answer aRead more

Letter to loved ones copy

An Open Letter to Friends and Family

An open letter to friends, family and other people who care about me:   I would first like to thank you for being in my life. And for caring about me. This means a lot, even if I can’t show it most of the time. I have a small favour to ask of you. YouRead more

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“Who You Gonna Call?”

So, here I was, publishing my workthrough on “Unemployment-ness” when Imo* asked me the question: “Perhaps it’s the “Unemployed” label … What would you choose to label yourself?” * That would be my imaginary friend I thought about it and replied: “Someone who is not yet capable of supporting herself but is trying to getRead more