Mental Health Diagnosis

Mental Health Diagnosis? Hardly

Someone told me their mental health diagnosis. Except I didn’t hear it at such. And my response was “Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry”. Though I may not have said those actual words. I did say it energetically: that was my feeling. See, when someone tells me their mental health “diagnosis” I don’t see itRead more

Holding beliefs for others

Holding Beliefs for Others… and When Not To

My realisation went like this: “I am not going to carry beliefs for them* any more. I am done. No more.” *Them being “men”. Men in general. I am not altogether clear on what this meant, so I’m going to try to find clarity by writing about it here. “Holding Beliefs for Others” Holding BeliefsRead more


There must be more than “getting by”

Allow me to say a few things. Actually, this is my blog, and my computer, so I can say whatever I want. Ha! I forgot. I want to believe there is more than “getting by”. I want to believe it is possible to live life to make our dreams come true. Listen, I am very,Read more

This Russell Brand Revolution

Russell Brand has come out in favour of a Revolution. And the world seems to be paying attention. Mostly because it’s Russell Brand. I want to explain what Brand means when he talks about this “revolution of consciousness” because he’s being a bit naughty (ha!) and not telling you anything about how to get there.Read more

On Intersectionality & Privilege: Part 5

The “Really Personal” (read: spiritual) As you may have read, the whole “privilege” meme kinda started from the publication of Peggy McIntosh’s “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” (pdf link). In it she writes about her experience coming to terms with the realisation that, as a white woman, she has “advantages” that people of colour do notRead more