Triggers. They are no fun, to put it *very* mildly. In case you don’t know what a trigger is (like I didn’t) here’s what they look like for me. I see something, or hear something, and all of a sudden a memory of a Horrible Moment in my life shows up and I can’t stopRead more

Giving Legitimacy to our Feelings

One of the reasons why we end up in this fabulous world of Feminism is because… we need strength in our beliefs. We don’t like something “in the mainstream”. We “feel” it’s wrong, or at least “wrong for us”. And so we learn to reject it on sound political and rational grounds. What we areRead more

Handle with love copy

Reading “Vagina” – From Anger to Compassion

WARNING! I briefly mention trauma, but I also discuss a pathway to healing. Read only if you’re ready.   As you know, I fall out with “Feminism” on an almost daily basis. It looks like this: “THAT’s IT! I’m done with Feminism! I’M DONE WITH FEMINISTS! They can all go to…” etc The reason forRead more