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Valentine’s Day Rhapsody

“Who will want me? Who could possibly want *me*, with this ugly face, messy body, terrible present and traumatised past? I look in the mirror and the “truth” is clear. There, on my face: nobody will love me. That’s just the way it is. I’m going to be single forever. Damn. Who could ever loveRead more

Complaining copy

Working with Complaining

Gather round, kids, today I want to talk about “complaining”. Oh yes, this is a big one. First: Complaining is a sign of unacknowledged pain You are essentially trying to justify to yourself that yeah, this thing you don’t like is actually kinda crappy. You don’t just say “This thing is crappy and I’m inRead more

Because Life is Still Hard

If you’re anything like me you may have… shall we say… “reluctance” to trust those people who preach about hippie, whacky “positive” woo woo stuff. Did I say reluctance? I meant thinking: “easy for THEM to believe in positive thinking! I would believe in it too if I had their life! Their house, their income,Read more

The Truth About Practising Self-Kindness

Happy International Women’s Day, me harties! Today is the Height of the Feminist Season. It’s like Christmas for us feminists: everything is happening today! So I’m super busy. In the morning I gave a workshop on Self-kindness as part of an IWD event. It went really well, and I’m quite excited about teaching these conceptsRead more