I am glad that Paul Jarvis wasn't "doing things" and instead chose to take this photo.

Doing Things can suck it: why obsessing about productivity may not work

Doing things. To-do-lists. “How are you going to get there?!?!” “It won’t just happen, you know, you have to act!” Do things!!! DO-THINGS!!! Etc. This is how most of the coaching world sounds like to me. Now, let’s be clear on something: for some people, this kind of “motivation” to “action” works a treat. ItRead more

What is your...

Your Awesome Thing

Your Awesome Thing is the Thing you want to do in this world Sometimes it will look like a “specific thing”. A very clear goal. A dream. You can see the image in your mind’s eye, you can describe every detail of it. It’s a house, a car, a website, a city, a job. SometimesRead more

daria copy

Why you should watch cartoons as a productivity strategy

While I was writing the “Working with your Stuff” e-book, I watched (almost) the whole of “Hey Arnold!”. (In fact, I am watching it right now) While writing + launching my e-book “How to be OK with Yourself”, I watched the whole of “Daria”. Several times. Then I got Daria to help me write theRead more